Idlewild Musings on our Luna Guardian

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The moon is one of the most potent symbols to be shared across cultures and a source of constant inspiration for Idlewild, forming the basis of many designs. In existence long before human civilisation, the moon is the subject of many great writers and a powerful symbol across a diversity of religions. In Buddism, the moon is described in its radiant fullness as the "circle without blemishes and a symbol of tranquility and perfect truth". The writer Mark Twain wrote "everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody". Spinning on its own axis in the identical time it takes to orbit the earth we can only marvel at its majestic qualities and enjoy its milky and mystic light. A celestial wonder so far beyond what our human minds can fully comprehend. IW x

Idlewild Inspiration from Visual Art

Idlewild Jewellery Blog
Idlewild inspiration is drawn from a fascination with symbolism. The expression of intricate shapes that make up various symbols is beautifully translated in the illustrative form.
dlewild inspiration is drawn from a fascination with symbolism. The expression of intricate shapes that make up various symbols is beautifully translated in the illustrative form.
I was lucky to stumble across the work of Pena Branca, a visual artist based in NY whose beautiful work is a continuous source of inspiration.
Idlewild Jewellery Blog
Working with a mystic influence, the balance and harmony of shapes in his work belie a complexity in his style. You can see more of his work on Instagram @penabranca. Enjoy! IW x

Idlewild Urban Oasis Envy

Idlewild Inspiration
A beautiful example of an untethered imagination the design duo of Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot  of Cao I Perrot created this stunning  inhabitable saffron-tinted lantern floating in a pool surrounded by orange trees, irises, and vetiver grass.
Created for the 2006 Metis Festival of Gardens in Quebec, Canada, this beautiful lantern shaped abode is accessed by a meandering series of burnt cedar trunks step. I have a serious case of wanderlust!
IW x

An Interview with Backyard Opera

"Celebrating the creative spirit, idle dreamers and the wild at heart, Nelly’s handcrafted pieces were born out of a desire to combine her love of drawing and contemporary design with traditional jewellery making techniques. Read what inspires her and her creations..."
Excited to share an interview feature on Backyard Opera by the lovely Dinnie Muslihat. Take a look here: 

Idlewild "Love It" Feature!

Idlewild Herald Sun_Love It Feature
Thanks to the wonderful Megan Miller for the Idlewild shout out in the weekend 'Love It' section of the Herald Sun. Such a treat! IW x

Anthea Page Styling the Idlewild Criss Cross Lariat Necklace

Stunning Australian Model, Anthea Page has been featured in the likes of Elle and Bazaar magazines and beautiful shoots promoting the ideal of Australian lifestyle; gorgeous beaches, healthy living and endless summer days!

Renowned for her outstanding beauty she is one of the genetically blessed. Anthea recently styled the Idlewild Criss Cross Lariat necklace for this gorgeous shot. You can find it here and discover more the gorgeous Anthea here. IW x

Artful Inspiration

Kim Rose Art
Art is one of those joyful expressions of the human spirit. I often wonder why adults say "I am not creative" when all they need do is cast their mind back to childhood when they were given free reign (hopefully!) to express their creativity. The pursuit of creativity is what I like to call 'my happy place'.
I gain as much joy from expressing my own creativity as I do in discovering the expression of creativity in others. I recently came across the beautiful Kim Rose, not only is she a very talented artist she is driven by beautiful and inspiring values. You can discover more about Kim via @kimmie_roseart and see her beautiful work at her online shop here. Enjoy! IW x