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Hello and welcome to Idlewild. Thanks for dropping by.
I am wrapped to finally share the fruits of our labour and present to you the debut collection from Idlewild. The journey started over a year ago born from a desire to create beautiful jewellery inspired by a long standing love of iconography from ancient cultures, dreams, rituals, fairy tales and fables. In combing these two passions, Idlewild was born.
I wanted my designs to be made by skilled artisans trained in traditional, authentic jewellery making techniques, whose skills have been passed down over generations. After a long search I found the perfect partner whose ethos is grounded in ethical working practices and the sustenance of local culture and skills.
The Idlewild logo is inspired by the Zen Buddhism ‘ensō’ symbol that depicts a hand drawn circle in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. Thanks to the wonderfully talented Eliza Steele @lidy_da for capturing the essence of Idlewild in such a beautiful graphic representation.
Fulfilling dreams takes the help of many kindred spirits. I would like to thank the beautiful creative team at our debut photo shoot,
it was an absolute pleasure to work with such talented and generous people;
Creative Direction, Britt McCamey @badnewsbritt
Photography, Hannah Scott Stevenson @_hannahscottstevenson_
Hair & Makeup, Constance Bowles @constance_jb
Talent, Marta @chic_management @martastempniak 
We hope you enjoy our debut collection as much as we loved creating it.
Follow our journey @idlewildaccessories
Idlewild x

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