Adinkra Symbolism & Power of Iconography

I've always been drawn to iconography, a fascination with the way in which symbols convey meaning. Often their meanings are not consciously understood yet they shape our perceptions.
The Adinkra collection was inspired by an ancient symbolism created by the Akan people from West Africa. This beautiful visual language was created to convey cultural wisdom that has been passed down over generations. The icons were originally applied to cloth and worn in traditional ceremonies.
The Adinkra designs in the Idlewild collection take inspiration from four symbols; Divinity representing the sanctity of mother earth and providence; Peace signifying harmony and balance; Justice, a powerful symbol representing the right to be free and to seek equality; The Love Eye symbol signifying the eye of the protector - versions of this symbol are seen throughout many ancient cultures with a shared meaning to ward off negative energy.
Discover the collection here.
Enjoy x

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