Idlewild Travel Inspiration

Ubud in Bali is where I discovered my love for the traditional skills and techniques in crafting jewellery and it remains one of my favourite places to visit. It is a constant source of inspiration for Idlewild and a place rich in culture and ancient traditions. Two people who I find particularly inspiring are John Hardy and his daughter Elora Hardy. After selling his namesake jewellery label, John Hardy focused his energies on creating a sustainable school, Green School and the incredible eco accommodation, Bambuh Indah. Elora Hardy found her passion in architecture and created the simply incredible Green Village - all of these projects demonstrate a deeply grounded respect for Balinese people and their culture as well as their passion for the environment and our future footprint. If you are making the trip to Bali and would like to discover the real heart of its creative soul, make some time to visit these amazing places to see stunning examples of imagination and determination born into reality. The Reflection collection was created on my last trip to Bali after a particularly relaxing and meditative week! You can see it here.

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